ready to use system platform

Chandler Loop System ®



The system consists of several interrelated features, which ensure maximum testing precision and processing performance.

Circular Precision Cutter

to cut the tube endings in the corresponding radial direction of the curve of the loops. This ensures high precision of the circular form, particulary in loops with small diameters and perfect closure of the loops without distortion of the blood flow on the fitting edge.   >>> more  

Accurate Tube Connector

surrounds the conventional closed loops with a tension band for exact form-fit sealing at the splice. Reduced background activation of the blood increases the sensitivity of the testing   >>> more  

Loop Cradle

is a frame which supports the loops in the water basin while an electric drive rotates the apparatus. The number of slots in the cradle and their size, being dependent on the tubings dimension, can be defined. The loops are held in place by the clasping action of the cradles slots. It is sufficient to centre the loops by sight.   >>> more  

High Output Thrombi Generator

capability of quickly producing a high amount of artificial clots that resemble native thrombi   >>> more  

Rotation Unit

A microprocessor controlled stepper motor guarantees precise movement of the loops   >>> more  

Temperature Controlled Water Basin

Highly constant process temperature through PID controller.     >>> more